Yasemin Bahar

She is an aspiring internist. Her interest in medicine is rooted in her personal experience of the loss of her mother at the age of 15 from preventable causes. As a result of long-term investigations, she has correlated the death of her mother to cultural complexities, and socioeconomic and healthcare disparities in the community. These concepts granted her a new perspective in her life; being a well-educated and smart physician is not enough to save the patient’s life, instead, a nice physician must have a deep understanding of a patient’s social determinants of health. This mentality led her to dedicate herself to Health Equity and Justice in Medicine beyond becoming a knowledgeable and well-rounded physician. 


She earned her MD degree from Hacettepe University Medical School which is the top medical school in Türkiye. She enjoys watching historical movies and challenging her husband in cooking and sports. She also enjoys serving food to her friends and neighbors. She is a former folk dancer and amateur actress. She is married to Dr. Rasheed Bahar, an internal medicine resident at Wayne State University.